SCAM Equipment

Rensselaer Plasma Dynamics Lab

  1. Accelerator Supply
  2. Filament Current Supply
  3. Magnet Supply
  4. Vacuum System
    1. Chambers
      1. Cross
      2. Mass Spectrometer
    2. Flanges
      1. Detector
      2. Gun
      3. Multi-purpose
    3. Pumps
      1. Welch 1405 Rough/Backing Pump
      2. Leybold Turbo Pump
    4. Accessories

Accelerator Supply

Fluke Model 410B 10kVDC. Located in SCAM equipment rack.

Magnet Supply

When using the optional mass spectrometer, the magnet is energized by a Electronic Measurements 600V supply. In order to achieve sufficient precision in setting the magnet current it is best to control the EM supply with the motorized potentiometer. Both pieces are located in the SCAM rack.

Vacuum System

Vacuum Chambers

Cross Vacuum Chamber

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