The Vertical Test Stand

Rensselaer Plasma Dynamics Lab

This area is continually under development.

The Vertical Test Stand is a versatile three story facility for ion beam and high voltage experiments. The facility currently features a 200 kV Glassman supply and a Peirce-extractor type electrostatic accelerator rated for up to 160 keV. Here is a drawing of an ion gun. The original engineering on the ion gun was done by Jack Lewis, and it used on the Elmo Bumpy Torus The drawing has since been modified/redrawn with Pro/ENGINEER by John Schatz. Next, is a diagram showing the ion gun on the VTS and how it is wired up. Here, is an actual picture of what is being documented (minus Paul Stewart in the middle).

The drawing at the top of the page was done by Turgon...just kidding it was actually done by Paul McClaren.

This page was written by James Manchester. Any questions on it should be addressed to John Schatz

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