ECSE Department

ECSE History

  • Class of 1911 Freshman Photo -- This was the first class of EE and ME students
  • Hi Harris Contract 1924 -- Prof. Harris' first contract as an instructor, signed by Palmer Ricketts. The name of the department is listed as Physics and Electrical Engineering.
  • Article on WHAZ (1920s) Part 1 Photo Collage Part 2
  • Sage Lab 1920s Shows Radio Towers
  • H. Harris on WHAZ Tower 1926
  • Sage Lab Electrical Labs (1926)
  • Electrical Design Room
  • Electrical Lab 1 2 3
  • Electrical Measurements Lab
  • Substation Equipment Lab
  • Graduate Club May 29, 1928 Wendell Hess, President
  • Back Row L to R: Baker, Carlson, Morales, Town, Harris, Dean, Van Wyck, De Forest, Baker, Chang
  • Middle Row L to R: Richards, Rose
  • Front Row L to R: Kuttler, Hochgraf, Ingalls, Kosting, Burrel, Sager
  • QSL Card
  • Some Old Equipment Photos from H. Harris 1 and 2 (Can you identify these things?)
  • Newspaper Articles on RPI Radio
  • EE Faculty and Maybe Students (Date Unknown, but Looks Like the 30s)
  • Warren Stoker - Hi Harris - Robert Hayner (late 1930s)
  • EE Faculty and Senior Class 1938
  • Stanley J. Wiltsie on EE Education -- A speech delivered on radio station 2XAP on 20 Feb, 1939. An example of a Topics and Problems card mentioned by Prof. Wiltsie. This card is from Prof. Charlie Close.
  • EE Faculty in 1948 -- This was taken in the Sage Building Lobby, Showing the Mechanical Engineering Sign. We need a photo of the Electrical Engineering Sign.
  • EE Faculty in 1950 -- Also in the Sage Lobby.
  • Computer Lab 1954 -- Shown are Prof. Warren Stoker and Joe Ormsby
  • EE Faculty in 1959
  • H. Harris and Carl Kunz in Radio Studio (1954) Carl was the engineer. The 1kW transmitter was new.
  • H. Harris and Carl Kunz in Second View of New Studio (1954) This was the 32nd year of WHAZ
  • H. Harris and Unknown - Microwave Experiment (1950s?)
  • Robert Owen ('61) and H. Harris April 8, 1959 in Syracuse for IRE Annual Award
  • EE Junior Lab Group 1960 -- Project: Measurement of the Induced Voltages and Currents in the Secondary of a Squirrel Cage Induction Motor (Photo and Information by P.L. Alger)
  • Students in Photo (Left to Right): W. Travis, P. Ashley, D.J. Anderson
  • EE Junior Lab Group 1960 -- Project: Measurement of Transient Torques in an Induction Motor (Photo and Information by P.L. Alger)
  • Students in Photo (Left to Right): W. Gates, W. Kleinfelder, A. Kozubal, G. McClain, J. Schlafer. R. Owen missing due to illness.(See photo above with Prof. Harris)

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