Tech Valley Summer Camp

Summer 2010 Information


Engineering Problem Solving Survey

Smart Lighting Overview

Resistors -- Intro to Circuits Activity

Mobile Studio Audio Measurements -- Intro to Measurements with Mobile Studio

Optics Activities -- A Wide Variety of Activities Related to Smart Lighting, Electrical Engineering and Physics

TVBGone Recordings (wav files): Complete Sequence Short Selection (Left click to play, right click to download)

USB Microscope Images using Dino-Lite USB Microscope

Online Stop Watch

Color Mixing from the Oregon Museum of Science and Technology

General Information

Smart Lighting ERC Website

NAE Grand Challenges

Mobile Studio Lab Book from Rose-Hulman

Mobile Studio

Introduction to Smart Lighting pptx pdf pdf-handouts

EE Times Article on Alternative Energy (21 June 2010 Issue)

Smart Lighting Education and Outreach Activities and Information

Prof. Connor's Website also Dept Website