ECSE Honors Program

Last Updated 24 January 2006

Purpose: To assist outstanding ECSE undergraduate students with their professional choices, a process made difficult by the many opportunities open to them.

Electrical Engineering, Computer and Systems Engineering or Electric Power Engineering students who maintain a grade point average of 3.7 through the first term of their sophomore or junior years are encouraged to apply (see below for application procedure) for admission to this program. Students whose grades do not quite meet this requirement can apply if they are recommended by an ECSE professor.

The primary activity of this program is the ECSE Honors Seminar (catalog description reproduced below), which normally meets each spring term. This course is open to both sophomores and juniors to accommodate all outstanding ECSE undergraduates. The purpose of this seminar is to investigate career choices, with a particular emphasis on those that require advanced degrees, such as is the case with research.

All students who participate actively in this seminar will receive an A. Those who do not will be asked to drop the course.

In addition to the seminar, all participants will have the option of switching their advisor to the program director and will, under the right circumstances, have the opportunity to make some changes in their degree requirements.

ECSE-2900 ECSE Honors Seminar (Catalog Description)

Introduction to research as a professional activity in electrical, computer, and systems engineering for participants in the ECSE Honors Program. Admission to the program is by application or invitation only, made during the fall term of the sophomore year. This seminar can be taken more than once. Spring term annually. 1 credit hour, 2 contact hours

Application Procedure:

If you are interested in this program, please email Prof. Connor a short message in which you include the following information:

Please note that this is a very informal application procedure, so you are free to interpret these items any way you wish. It is also not necessary to address all of them.

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