Instrumentation Studio Rules, Policies and Procedures

Last Updated on 8 September 2000
    Everyone (Students, Staff, Visitors)

  1. The facilities of this studio are for the use of students presently taking Electronic Instrumentation, Fields and Waves and Mechatronics.

  2. At least one studio staff member must be in the room at all times or else the room must be closed, locked and alarmed.

  3. The time periods during which the studio is open are restricted to scheduled classes and scheduled open shop hours. The official schedule is posted on the web. Special purpose use of the room is permissible if approved by and posted on the official schedule by Prof.Connor.

  4. The black parts/tool boxes stored in the small bins presently belong to students in Electronic Instrumentation only and are not to be used by anyone else under any circumstances whatsoever. In the future, it is planned that other students will have similar parts/tool boxes for their courses. When that occurs, this policy will be modified.

  5. The standard set of equipment at each station (see studio webpage) must remain at the station at all times. No equipment may be borrowed for any reason.

  6. Specialized apparatus for each course is stored on the shelves behind the four projector screens at the front of the room. The screens are to be raised only by studio staff. Once they are raised, students can access the materials they are directed to use by the instructor.

  7. Some additional equipment (eg function generator) is available from the studio staff. This equipment must be returned to its normal storage location before the students using it leave the room. No student is allowed to directly access equipment or components in the white cabinets in the alcove. Only studio staff may remove items from these cabinets.

  8. Cable and Connector Boxes: Please return all cables to the box when finished. Any cables or connectors not listed in the cable list found on the course webpage must be returned to the cable racks or component boxes.

  9. Printing is provided without cost to studio students and staff. However, please do not print more than is asked for in class assignments. Course information provided on webpages should not be printed out, unless specifically approved by an instructor. As a general rule, if the material can be printed outside the studio, as is the case with anything on a webpage, it should not be printed in the studio.

  10. At the end of each session, all standard instruments shall be turned off, all other instruments must be returned to their normal storage location unless they will be used in the following session. All computer users must logoff, leaving the computer on showing the login menu.

  11. No food or drinks are allowed in the room.

  12. The software running on the studio computers shall not be modified in any way. This includes such seemingly harmless activities as changing backgrounds and browser home pages.


  1. Please report any problems with instruments or computers to studio staff.

  2. Any studio students may use the room during any scheduled open shop time. However, there may be some restrictions on the use of course specific equipment if the responsible staff person is from another course.

  3. Studio students may use studio equipment for their own purposes during open shop time as long as the responsible studio staff person is confortable with what they intend to do.

  4. Please under no circumstances tear out pages from spiral notebooks, since there is no way to do it without making a mess. There is plenty of blank paper available for student use.

  5. Please do not write on the formica countertops.


    Studio staff consists of the instructors and teaching assistants in the courses scheduled in this room: Electronic Instrumentation, Fields and Waves and Mechatronics.

  1. At the end of each class or open shop session, there must remain at least one staff member to watch over the room until the next class begins. There must always be at least one responsible person in the room at all times.
  2. At the end of each day's last session, the room lights must be put in their security setting, the air conditioner turned off, chairs must be returned to their normal positions (four at each station, with the plastic chairs at the center table), the audio and video systems shall be turned off, the room shall be generally checked for cleanliness and, finally, the room shall be closed, locked and alarmed. Be sure that both doors are locked.

  3. Please record any problems with instruments or computers in the studio operations log.

Please note that these policies are always open to modification. Any suggestions for changes should be sent to Prof. Connor.