Ken and Kenneth Connor on the Web

If you do a Google search on Ken Connor or Kenneth Connor, most of the links are to my pages and the pages of two other Kenneth Connors. they are:
  • Ken Connor, of the Center for a Just Society, an organization whose politics I thoroughly oppose. Ken Connor also ran for governor in the Republican primary against Jeb Bush. He is in the news a great deal, since taking (incorrect) public positions is his job. Thus, his name comes up the most from a search.
  • Kenneth Connor, a great comedic actor who stared in 17 Carry On films and one of my favorite all time TV shows Allo Allo. Kenneth died in 1993. Further bio info is available at the IMDB. His name comes up the most under Kenneth Connor, since his work is still very popular.
  • Many others, but they do not show up as often.
  • Since there are many accepted spellings of Connor (Conner, Conners, Connors, O'Connor, O'Conner, O'Connors, O'Conners), finding others with similar names is not difficult. Some of the more interesting are:

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