Fields and Waves I Fall 1996 -- Wave Information

Last Updated 20 November 1996

    Background Information on Waves
  1. Wave Equation
  2. The Modeling Domain and Wave Equations
  3. One Dimensional Problem
  4. Dielectric Surfaces
  5. Wave Diffraction for a Semi-Infinite Breakwater
  6. OCEN 410: Ocean Engineering Laboratory
  7. Superposition of Two Waves, a JAVA Applet
  8. MATLAB macro files.
    vswr.m : Simple vswr plotter
    radpat.m : Radiation Pattern plotter
    smith.m : Smith Chart plotter
    gkeybox.m : Legend Box automator (used with *.m plotters above)
    polarplot.m : Plots up to three radiation patterns with choices of line type, grid type, axis labeling etc.

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