A brief explanation...

The following information will help guide you in the optimal use of this electric charge field simulator.

To place a charge in the plane area, click on the button "place a charge" and bring the the cursor on to the plane area. Click on a point and a dialog box will appear where you can enter the exact coordinates and the value of the charge. Note that the value is given in multiples of a positive charge being 1.60219E-19 C.

When the cursor is on the plane area, the coordinates and field angle, as seen by a test charge at that point, will appear below the plane area.

To trace a single field line, click on "trace a field line" and then bring the cursor to the point on the plane area where you would like to know the field line configuration. This field line represents the trajectory that a test charge would follow at that point. You can draw as many lines as you like, or to draw all the field lines, click "trace complete field lines" and click anywhere in the plane area.

Finally, you can delete the field lines, delete one or more charges (in doing so will also delete the field lines) or delete all.

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