Module Column of the Febetron Pulser

There are a total of 80 modules in the module column of the pulser. They are assembled on the Pulser service cart and installed in the Module Chamber (see figures below).

Above: Module Column assembled on pulser service cart prior to installation.

Above: Module Column assembled on pulser service cart during installation.

The Modules employ barium titanate capacitors as energy storage banks. Such capacitors sometimes retain a degress of charge, either as a result of "electric" build-up or due to poor pin contact in the Module assembly which prevents complete discharge when the High Voltage Power Supply is crowbarred. To ensure safety, short out the entire Pulser Column of Modules at both input and output connection before troubleshooting. In addition, short out each spark gap of each individual Module in the event of disassembly before performing any adjustment or metering function. This procedure is necessary to insure that no charge remains on the Modules.

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