Presentations & Posters on MST HIBP

  1. Presentations
    1. In 1998
    2. In 1999
    3. In 2000
  2. Posters Abstracts
    1. 1996 APS DPP
    2. 1997 APS DPP 39th Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA.
    3. 1998 APS HTPD
    4. 1998 APS DPP 40th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.
    5. 1999 APS DPS 41st Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.
    6. 2000 ICOPS
    7. 2000 APS HTPD
    8. 2000 APS DPP 42nd Annual Meeting, Quabec, Canada


None in 1998


In 1999
1. Diane's presentation at MST. HIBP ugrade. Feb,17,1999

2. Lei's presentation at MST. MSTHIBP sweep plates design. on Mar.,03,1999


In 2000



In 1996 APS

In 1997 APS DPP 39th. Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA

In 1998 APS HTPD

In 1998 APS DPP 40th. annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA

1. "Setup and Calibration of a Heavy Ion Beam Probe System on MST", by J. Lei

2. "A Heavy Ion Beam Probe for the Madison Symmetric Torus", by Uday Shah

In 1999 APS DPP 41st. annual Meeting, Seattle, WA

1. "Development of Core Plasma Electric Space Potential Measurements Using the MST Heavy Ion Beam Probe", by Uday Shah

2. "Development of Core Plasma Density and Potential Fluctuation Measurements Using the MST Heavy Ion Beam Probe", by J. Lei

3. "The MST Heavy Ion Beam Probe", by Diane R. Demers

2000 ICOPS

"Heavy Ion Beam Probe Development", by K. A. Connor


1. "Suppression of Plasma Electrons in the Diagnostic Ports of MST", by Diane R. Demers

2. "Calibration and Initial Operation of the HIBP on MST", by J. Lei