Smart Lighting Outreach

New Visions High School Students 2014

Tools/Apparatus to use for Outreach (see bottom of page).

General information on Education and Outreach, mostly relating to Light. Includes info on many kinds of activities, including:

Illumineer Education and Outreach This links to modules under developement for Smart Lighting university level education and K-12 outreach. The LED Stickies activity is found under Basics of LEDs in the Outreach table. As more are added, the links will become active.

Dallin Elementary School Outreach Activities (January 2013): Overview Slides (not used), Summary of activities (shared with teachers). There were 3 activities done for all of the 5th grade students: Chocolate Bunny Melting, Light Spectra from Standard Bulbs, LED Stickies. The next few items listed provide background for these activities and information that could be used to expand their use in K-12 outreach.

Mark Bauserman, whose slides you should definitely look at. Great background on human interaction with light.

Philips Student Program - Tons of Useful Info on Light and the Future of Lighting including courses, videos, webinars, etc.

Human Interaction with Light

Plants and Light

Light & Lighting

LEDs & Electronics

Comparing Incandescent, CFL & LED Bulbs for Residential and Commerical Application

Writing Outside the Box

Unrelated but Fun Info

Tools/Apparatus for Outreach Activities

Updated: 6 May, 2014