Smart Power and Light

Summer 2011 Program

Program Welcome

Agenda and Logistics
Week One: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5
Week Two: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5




Program Introduction/Overview Smart Lighting

DC Circuits

Bell South Basic Electronics Test

Activity 1: Resistors

Activity 2: Ohm's Law and Voltage Dividers

AC Circuits

Activity 3: Mobile Studio Measurements of Audio Signals

Activity 4: Charging and Discharging Capacitors

Activity 5: Power for LEDs

Power Systems Overview

Activity 6: Energy Survey

Activity 7: Light Controlled Camera

Smart Lighting Overview

Demos 1: Smart Lighting Demos

Activity 8: Lighting Survey and Bulb Selection as Design Problem, Harlem Academy Student Presentation on Bulbs

Activity 9: Smart Lighting

Using LED as Input to Op-Amp (This was written as an add-on for a project in Electronic Instrumentation)

Clean Room Briefing

Clean Room and Lab Visits

GE Global Research Tour

Activity 10: Optical Transceiver

Activity 11: Heart Monitor

Activity 12: Tying Up Loose Ends

Demos 2: Fun Demos and Activities

Activity 13: Smart Lighting K-12 Outreach

K-12 Outreach Activities



Mobile Studio Software Tutorial (Gavin Anaya, RPI EE '11)

Mobile Studio Triggering Tutorial (Gavin Anaya, RPI EE '11)

Using the Mobile Studio to Measure Audio Signals (KAC) The document that goes with this video is Simplified Directions for Audio

Configuring a Square Wave from Many Sine Waves (KAC)

YouTube The Engineering Design Cycle Part I, The Engineering Design Cycle Part II (Prof. Alan Cheville, Oklahoma State)

Identifying Electronic Components (KAC)


Smart Lighting ERC Website

Smart Lighting ERC on Facebook

Center for Future Energy Systems Website

Mobile Studio Website

Mobile Studio Lab Book from Rose-Hulman

LEDs and Light

NAE Grand Challenges

EE Times Article on Alternative Energy (21 June 2010 Issue)

Useful Online Information (work in progress)

Smart Lighting Education and Outreach Activities and Information (a huge collection of info on LEDs, optics, related outreach activities, etc, some of which is listed under LEDs and light above.)

Electronic Instrumentation Website (very large collection of relevant information, some key items listed below)

Prof. Connor's Website also Dept Website

Prof. Chow's Website also Dept Website

Updated: 28 June 2011