Engineering Collection

  • Steam -- I have had little personal experience with steam engines, but my brother Jim has a 1916 Case Road Locomotive and John Schatz (my colleague here at Rensselaer), has a long family history involving small steam engines.
  • Farm Machinery -- My brothers and I spent much of ouf summers growing up on our grandparent's farm in Wisconsin.
  • Architecture -- Frank Lloyd Wright has left a lasting impact on central Wisconsin. It was hard to grow up there without learning a little appreciation of quality architecture.
  • Automobiles -- I have had the good fortune to drive lots of interesting cars.
  • Radios/TV
  • My Favorite 19th Century RPI Graduate -- Theodore Judah
  • Faucet Bubbles -- In February 2003, I accidentally discovered how to blow bubbles in the shape of wine glasses in the water flowing gently from a bathroom or kitchen faucet.

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