Transformer Oil

The pulser chamber is filled with approximately 165 gallons of a medium grade transformer oil which is stored in the reservoir of the pulser carriage assembly when not in use. The oil is used as a dielectric to provide the necessary high voltage insulation in the pulser chamber.

Recommended Transformer Oils:

It is imperative that the transformer oil be maintained at a high electrical strength, with either replacement or purification whenever contamination is suspected. It is recommended that periodic dielectric strength measurments be performed according to the ASTM test designation D877-49. (See "ASTM Standards on Electrical Insulating Liquids and Gases" published by the American Society for Testing Materials.)

Oil Installation

In order to load the oil from the reservoir in the pulser carriage to the pulser chamber:
  1. Check that the drain valve lever on the pulser carriage is still in the OPEN position (shut down position).
    It is imperative that the pulser be level during the filling process, or too large an air pocket may result. Such a condition is conducive to damaging high voltage arcing inside the tube chamber. Refer to the diagram above.
  2. Activate the switch on the pulser carriage to turn the oil pump ON.
  3. Monitor oil level until it appears at the line behind the top sight glass. (Approximately 2 minutes, 35 seconds.)

Carefully watch the sight gauges during oil loading. Prepare to shut off the pump as soon as oil can be seen in the lower sight gauge. Failure to do so may will cause the operator to be sprayed with transformer oil when the safety pressure release valves are tripped.

  • When the proper oil level is reached, place the drain valve lever in the CLOSED position and turn the oil pump OFF.

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