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Electronic Instrumentation Links by Experiment (ENGR-4300)

Last Updated September 2008


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Extra Equipment Required for Experiments
Experiment and Project Report Information

Experiment 1
Experiment 2
Experiment 3
Experiment 4
Experiment 5
Experiment 6
Experiment 7
Experiment 8

Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4

Extra Credit

PowerPoint slides modified for Fall 2008 lectures

Experiment and Project Report Information

What to include in Experiment Write-ups
Project Report Guidelines
Sample Papers with References Cited













Experiment 1 -- Signals, Instrumentation, Basic Circuits and Capture/PSpice

Experiment 1 (updated for IOBoard)
Mobile Studio Desktop
Mobile Studio - detailed specifications
PowerPoint Presentation for Experiment 1 (updated for IOBoard)
PSpice/Capture 16 Demo
PSpice/Capture 10.5 Demo
[PSpice/Capture 9.1 Student version - old version]
What to include in Experiment Write-ups
Audio Spectrum
Ear Animation
How to use a breadboard
How to use the Agilent Software (if not using IOBoard)
Additional reading:
Agilent Instrument Simulator (if not using IOBoard)
Sine Waves -- Lessons 1-1 through 1-4
Series and Parallel Resistors
Battery Specs
Java Applets on Circuits (unit 11)
Lissajous Figures Applet
Optional related information:
Electric Generator Applet
Resistor Identifier
Identifying Capacitors
Capacitor (and Resistor) Color Codes
Basic Circuit Information
Electronics for Beginners
Oscilloscope Tutorial
Cathode Rays
Specifications for Studio Equipment (if not using IOBoard):
Agilent 54603B Oscilloscope
Agilent 33120A Function Generator
Agilent E3631A Power Supply
Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter

Experiment 2 -- Complex Impedance, Steady State Analysis and Filters

Experiment 2 (updated for IOBoard)
PowerPoint Presentation for Experiment 2 (updated for IOBoard)
Steady State Handout
Gingrich Notes on AC Circuits
Complex Numbers
Additional reading:
Stanford on Phasors
CalTech on Phasors
Phasor Applet
Engineer on a disk (A/C Circuit Analysis)
Simple High Pass Filter Applet
Simple Low Pass Filter Applet
More on Filters
Optional related information:
Analog Filter Design Applet
Dictionary of Electronics Terms

Experiment 3 -- Inductors and Transformers

Experiment 3 (updated for IOBoard)
PowerPoint Presentation for Experiment 3 (updated for IOBoard)
Additional reading:
Transformer Equation Notes
Gingrich on Inductance
Inductor Design Help
Optional related information:
Inductance Calculations
Williamson Labs on Inductance
Single Loop Inductance Applet
Faraday Inductance Experiment 1
Faraday Inductance Experiment 2
Transformer Circuit Applet
Another Transformer Applet
Magnetic Levitation (of assorted objects)
Wire gauge information:
Reade Wire Gauge Chart (use this link for wire diameters under A.W.G. column)
Molex (use single stranded wire, row marked as (1/  ) )
 Thevenin Equivalent Circuits:
Class notes on Thevenin Equivalent Circuits
Thevenin Equivalent Applet with a Wheatstone bridge
Thevenin Applet
Gingrich on Thevenin Equivalents (link may not be working)

Experiment 4 -- Op-Amp Circuits

Experiment 4 (updated for IOBoard)
PowerPoint Presentation for Experiment 4 (updated for IOBoard)
Additional reading:
Op-Amp Circuits
Dictionary of Electronics Terms
Optional related information:
Williamson Labs on Op-Amps
Gingrich on Op-Amp Circuits
More on Op-Amp Circuits
Complex Analysis of a Miller Integrator
Mind Machine Web Museum
Analog Computer Museum
741 Op-Amp
LF351 Op-Amp

Experiment 5 -- Harmonic Oscillation

Experiment 5 (updated for IOBoard)
PowerPoint Presentation for Experiment 5 (updated for IOBoard)
Cantilever Beam Frequency
Additional reading:
Section 19 on Mechanical Vibrations and Section 24 on Electrical Circuits
Young's Modulus Table (9.1)
Background on Harmonic Motion
Cantilever Beams
Strain Gauges
Wheatstone Bridge
Optional related information:
Wheatstone Bridge Applet
Strain Gauge Calculators
Strain Gauges
Pendulum Applet
Oscillating Circuit Applet
Types of Oscillation
Young's Modulus

Experiment 6 -- Electronic Switches

Experiment 6 (updated for IOBoard)
PowerPoint Presentation for Experiment 6 (updated for IOBoard)
555 Timer Animation
Mushroom Timer Information
Additional reading:
Schmitt Trigger
555 Timers
Carburetor Application
Flow Valve Control
PWM Motor Control
Optional related information:
Gingrich on Transistors
Monostable Multivibrator
555 Timer Tutorial
555 Calculator
Death of a Capacitor
Gingrich on RC Decay
741 Op-Amp
7414 Schmitt Trigger
7404 Inverter
2222 Transistor
555 Timer

Experiment 7 -- Digital Logic Devices and the 555-Timer

Experiment 7 (updated for IOBoard)
PowerPoint Presentation for Experiment 7 (updated for IOBoard)
Gingrich on Digital Electronics or try this if the link is broken
Additional reading
Introductory Digital Electronics
Basic Digital Information
Optional related information
Boolean Algebra
How Boolean Logic Works
How digital gates work
Digital Electronics Links
7404 Inverter
7402 2-input NOR
7410 3-input NAND
74107 JK Flip-Flop
74393 Counter
Logic Gate Applets (try out these applets to see if you understand digital logic concepts)
Logic Gate Simulator
Interactive Simulation Framework
Electronic Logic Gates and Circuits

Experiment 8 -- Diodes, Phototransistors and LEDs

Experiment 8 (updated for IOBoard)
PowerPoint Presentation for Experiment 8 (updated for IOBoard)
Supplement to experiment 8 handout
Additional reading:
Gingrich on Diodes
Basic Diode Information
Zener Diodes
Optional related information:
More on Zener Diodes
Diodes and P/N Junctions
Zener voltage ranges
1N4148 Diode Specs
1N750A Zener Diode Specs
LT1893 Phototransistor

Project 1 -- Instrumented Beakman's Motor

Project 1 handout
Project 1 PowerPoint Presentation
Extra hints
Grading Sheet for Project 1 (from past semesters, list of possible topics you may want to include)
Additional reading:
Background Information about Motors
Another Good Motor Reference
Principles behind the DC motor (
Development of Electromotive Force)
Optional related information:
Inductance Calculations (or here if MST link is down)
Electric Motor Applet
AC Generator Applet
Stepper Motors
More on Stepper Motors
Servo Motors
How Batteries Work
Battery Specs

Project 2 -- Cantilever Beam

Project 2 handout
Project 2 PowerPoint Presentation
Extra hints
Extra help
Data Analysis Example
Additional reading:
Stanford Lectures
How Accelerometers Work
Additional related information:
Approximate Differentiator
Differentiation Circuit
Spreadsheet in Mathematics -- Fitting Functions
Crash Test Analysis Software
Crash Test videos:
Crown Victoria
741 Op-Amp

Project 3 -- Digital Logic Circuit

Project 3 handout
Project 3 PowerPoint Presentation
Grading Sheet for Project 3 (from past semesters, list of possible topics you may want to include)
555 Timer Animation (for project 3)
Additional reading:
Binary Counters
Boolean Algebra
555 Timer
TTL Logic Components
MAX474 replacement for MAX473 - Data Sheet: note new pinouts
MAX492 replacement for MAX473 - Data Sheet: note new pinouts

Project 4 -- Optical Communications Link

Project 4 handout
Project 4 PowerPoint Presentation
Grading Sheet for Project 4 (from past semesters, list of possible topics you may want to include)
Complete PSpice Model for Project 4 (zip file)
PSpice Model for Project 4 (design only). The machines in the studio do not have Winzip. If you need to run the simulation on one of these machines, download this schematic and paste it into a PSpice project. Set up the following simulation: run-to-time=10ms, start-time=8ms, max-step-size=10us
Additional reading:
Simulation Information
LM386 Utility Amp
Handy Dandy Circuit #10
386 Op-Amp Circuit
Similar project
Infra-red modulation project
Audio Circuits
Modulation Applets:
Amplitude Modulation
Frequency Modulation
Pulse Width Modulation
Pulse Position Modulation
Optional related information:
Background on A/D and D/A Conversion
Pulse Width Modulation
Using 555 Timer to do pulse width modulation
Amplitude Modulation
Frequency Modulation
741 Op-Amp
386 Audio Amplifier
555 Timer
LT1893 Phototransistor
Supplementary pin-outs and circuits

Extra Credit

Consult your professor about whether or not s/he is offering extra credit and how it will be applied to your grade.

Extra Credit Guidelines for EI Sections

Extra Credit A -- Chebyshev Filter
Extra Credit B -- Butterworth Filter
Extra Credit C -- Sine Wave Oscillator
Extra Credit D -- Square Wave Generator

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